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Machine repair service for both our customers and customers who use machines from other company.

Thai Cripton Co.,Ltd. There is a service to check and repair machines, both machinery that is still under warranty and machinery that has expired in the warranty period. Either the company’s own and other companies’ machines. We have a team of skilled and expert engineers ready to provide services to customers. We have considered after-sales service as important and provide sincere, fast service with attention to every detail. Along with giving advice and consulting on models and product details.

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Machinery Maintenance & Inspection Service

Machine inspection service according to the period of use In the case that the machine is under our company’s warranty, we will service it every 3 months. If the machine’s warranty expires, we are happy to provide services for a fee and the cost of spare parts depends on each case.

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Urethane rubber casting and machinery black rubber coating

Motor Repair

Design functions according by usage